She asked and I said YES!!

Oh my God. I’m still a bit overwhelmed as I type this so bear with me. I'm beyond excited to share this news with you all. Julie finally asked me a question I’ve been waiting all my life to hear. She made an honest man out of me and asked if I would be her domestic partner.

Now, it wasn’t a total surprise. I thought she might ask me soon because of the way she’d been acting lately. It was little things she would mention in passing. Like “Do you have a valid passport?” or “I can’t remember when my health insurance enrollment window ends but I think it’s like…soon.”

The way she did it was so romantic. It had been a long day at work but instead of us starting to cook dinner she was getting frustrated trying to make sense of her employee benefits while I was sitting nearby scrolling through my twitter feed. Then it happened. I’ll never forget how she sighed and said “yea… I think we’ll have to become domestic partners for this to work.” I’d dreamt of this moment. I didn’t hesitate for a second. “YES!” I squealed, “Of course. Yes.” And then I retweeted Patton Oswalt.

The ceremony won't take place for awhile. My NC License is expired so we'll have to wait until I can renew it so I have a valid form of ID but I'm fine with a long engagement. We've got the rest of our lives to be bureaucratically entwined. I just want to enjoy every step of the journey.

I always thought there would be some fear or anxiety associated with taking on such a commitment but there isn’t. It just feels right. All the pieces are in place. We’re happy together, we’re both residents of New York and we’ve been living together on a continuous basis. It’s like a fairy tale.