A Tale of Three "Ciscos"

My girlfriend works in the marketing department at Cisco. You've probably heard of them. They're a gigantic multinational tech company.

There’s another big company named Sysco, pronounced the same way. These guys do food distribution and they're also very well known.

So when I tell someone that my girlfriend works for Cisco, I brace myself for the inevitable follow up question: “Which one?”

What people don’t realize when they ask “Which one?” is they’re not just asking a question. They're setting me up. They’re opening a door that I will always enter with big, confident strides.

I say to them as matter-of-factly as possible, “The R&B singer best known for his 1999 hit, The Thong Song.”

That’s the bit. They ask "which one?" and I promptly clear up the confusion with an earnest claim that my girlfriend is employed by the only Sisqo who can be heard on Now That’s What I Call Music Volume 7.

Not only would it be incredibly strange for my girlfriend to "do marketing" for the past-his-prime Dru Hill front man. It would also mean that she’s terrible at her job because when is the last time anyone even thought about THAT Sisqo?

I'm not sure this will ever stop amusing me. It's a joke that ages like a fine wine, only getting funnier as time passes and Sisqo's relevance fades. But the real reason I do it is to remind everyone what a wondrous world we live in. One where there is a "Cisco" in every major sector of the economy. Tech, food and songs about thongs.