Craigslist Ad: M4F(anbase)

It's no secret that Craigslist is a great place to find almost anything you're looking for. From a used washer+dryer to a mint condition sex worker, it's all out there just waiting to get snatched up for the right price.

In the landscape of the modern entertainment industry, there's one crucial element that guarantees success for a comedian. That element is a strong following. If you can roll into Anytown, USA and guarantee a venue that you can put butts in seats then you've got a viable career as a touring comedian. So I've been looking for a fan base. No brick & mortar stores in my area seem to carry them and even didn't have any offerings. So I decided to see if the list of Craig can help me out and I posted this wanted ad:

(See the actual craigslist post here, until it's deleted in 7 days)

So cross your fingers, readers. With any luck there's gonna be a whole lot more of you very soon!